Hire reliable packers for all your logistical needs.

Consistently reliable
Consistently reliable
Enjoy quality help from trained GoGetters.
Customise your needs
Customise your needs
Get the right people for your jobs.
Budget Friendly
Budget Friendly
Pay per hour and schedule work by shifts.
Hassle-free hiring
Hassle-free hiring
No commitment and no paperwork required.


Pay-Per-Use Packer service
Suggested fee / Hour

RM10 - RM12

How it works

Tell us what you need help with
Describe your job scope with clear instructions, job benefits and your required part timer profile.

Post up single or multiple shifts. Select days and number of GoGetters.

Review job details and proceed.
Engage with GoGetter via GoGet chat to confirm job.


Who is a GoGetter?

GoGetters are flexible part timers with various job experiences.

Train and Build your own team of on-demand part timers based on your SOPs when needed.

Chan Ern Lai
Chan Ern Lai


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What does a Packer usually do?

Unpacking & sorting items

Get help for unpacking your supplies and sorting the items according to its designated shelves or racks. Get a packer to help especially during peak seasons to ramp up your operational process.

Pack and assemble products

Get items packed carefully with bubble wrap according to the order list, seal the boxes and paste the consignment detail onto the boxes. Separate orders and arrange them based on shipping addresses.

Labelling & filling up bottles

Hire a packer as extra help for your production line. For example, get a packer to fill up liquid into empty bottles, stick & label items accordingly, and pack those bottles into boxes.

Pack food according to quantity

If your F&B business requires extra hands during peak hours such as lunch and dinner orders, a packer can help to pack food and assemble them neatly according to the quantity needed.


Need to include a last-minute gift into goodie bags and need to repack them? GoGetters can help repack within the hours you stipulate.

Count stock

A well-organised inventory ensures an efficient and smoothly run business. Get help to conduct stock-takes and keep your inventory list updated regularly.

Extra pair of hands

Need to fill in for seasonal demand or staff going on leave? Your own favourite pool of GoGetters can fill in for these ad hoc shifts.

Check products

Deliver top-notch service and hire reliable help to ensure your product delivery and fulfilment is done well.


Yes, you can add GoGetters that you enjoyed working with into your 'Favourite GoGetter' list and hire them again for your next job.
Select the number of GoGetters you require and easily create multiple shifts across multiple days with the click of a button on the GoGet platform. Build your on-demand fleet as and when you need extra help.
Post your job on the GoGet platform ahead of time, include exclusive perks and write crystal clear job details explaining the job you would require the GoGetter to carry out.
Yes, you can specify that you require GoGetters with experience in the GoGetter requirement section.
Yes, you can request for GoGetters to dress according to your job requirements such as black t-shirts with covered shoes for example.
If you require your GoGetter to work for one full day, we advise you to split the work into 2 shifts on the GoGet platform with a one-hour unpaid lunch break in between.

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