Where Can Students Find Part Time Jobs In Malaysia?

Job seekers / 29 Apr 2022

Where Can Students Find Part Time Jobs In Malaysia?

Students pursuing their degrees in various universities in Malaysia often look for part time jobs to afford their course fees and gain valuable professional experience even before finishing their studies.

A crucial aspect of part time jobs for students is that they get to learn better time-management skills and gain a sense of responsibility. The experience of part time jobs will be useful when they seek a full-time career after graduation.

In this post, we have listed sources that help regarding online part time jobs for students or gig work that will leave plenty of time for their study besides good pay.

Where can students find part time jobs in Malaysia

Various websites and apps in Malaysia help to get a part time job from home for students. Some of the best websites and apps to find jobs are below:


GoGet is one of the fastest-growing community platforms to find flexible part time jobs in Malaysia. Students can find part time jobs through the GoGetter app which is the first gig work platform to have integrated savings with Malaysia’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to provide gig workers with access to financial security on the app.


JobStreet is a job listing site that allows resume upload and connects job seekers with employers. Its website and network spans across Asia. It offers part time job opportunities, with bulk of job vacancies being full time positions. 


Glassdoor is a globally known virtual marketplace for job search and hiring. Other than the website, Glassdoor has work apps, which helps students search for jobs using their phones.

Grubhub Careers

Grubhub Careers is a platform that is committed to connecting diners with restaurants. It is also a hub for various part time jobs, and it encourages young talents to apply there. 

All the listed best gig apps or work app will help students meet tuition fees and day-to-day expenses in Malaysia

Benefits of working part time jobs

For students, the benefits of doing part time jobs are:

Steady Income

With the help of these apps, students in Malaysia can get part time jobs, earn a steady income and pay off their university fees and bills. 


Working in part time jobs help students develop skills that are likely to be useful in their career. Some of the skills are time management, achieving targets, organisation, and customer service.

Networking opportunities

Doing a part time job allows students to expand their network. Through reference, students can get full-time job offers after post-studies. 

Employee benefits

Depending on the company and type of the part time job, you may qualify for employee benefits. Although they are not full benefits, you may still get perks or staff discounts.

Top 10 part time jobs for students in Malaysia

The top 10 part time jobs  available for students in Malaysia are below:

1. Home Tutor

The marketplace for private home tutoring is getting popular in Malaysia. Since academic obstacles are still evident in the country, hiring home tutors seems necessary to parents. 

2. Waiter & Waitresses 

Doing a part time job as a waiter/waitress in a restaurant or a food chain, students can help people have a smooth dining experience and earn a reasonable salary. 

Culinary students can have practical experience with different cuisine and food. They will also experience greeting, taking orders, serving and clearing tables. 

3. Event Staff

This job is ideal for students seeking a short-term position without much experience and skill. Events such as industrial fairs and corporate promotions need many temporary workers. 

4. Direct Sales Assistant

Direct sales can help nurture skills such as good communication, work ethics, and persuasive skills. These jobs could be on a commission basis. 

5. Retail Store Assistant

Retail stores frequently hire students for part time jobs. The job might involve packing groceries, unloading the stock, and organising items in racks. 

6. Freelancer

If you are good at writing, graphic designing or something else, people can hire you for gigs. New freelancers in the industry may initially charge a lower price to clients and later increase the rate.

7. Warehouse Helper 

Businesses might require additional help to pick and pack items at warehouses during massive sale seasons. The jobs are usually split into multiple shifts and require little to no prior experience.  

8. Photographer

You can work as a part time photographer for taking photos at weddings or other events. Besides, you can sell your photos to online stock photo sites such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Fotolia, and Shutterstock.

9. Delivery Riders 

Pick up and deliver parcels or food to customers. Many platforms offer delivery jobs for part timers so there are ample jobs to choose from which could fit a student’s schedule perfectly. 

10. Promoter 

A product promoter is someone who promotes newly launched products and generates sales for a brand. For example, free sampling or brochure distribution.

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