September 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Ainna Syasya binti Mabeni

GoGetter Spotlight / 16 Sep 2022

September 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Ainna Syasya binti Mabeni

Meet this month’s Top Referral GoGetter, Ainna Syasya, whose TikTok went viral with over 500K views! Learn some useful GoGetter tips from her by watching the interview here.

Q: Who is this viral TikTok GoGetter?

A: Hi, my name is Ainna Syasya. I am 23 years old, from Pontian, Johor and I am currently staying in KL because I just graduated from my studies. So how I got to know about GoGet is because of one of the TikTok videos on my FYP (Final Year Project). 

Q: How did your TikTok video go viral?

A: So how did my video go viral? I think I didn’t expect it to go viral because I just wanted to share the app. So, the video got viral because of the interactions of people with that video. 

Q: Your Tiktok post has been seen by many of your TikTok followers who have signed up to become GoGetters. What advice would you have for them to ensure jobs are done well?

A: Please read the descriptions carefully because this is a one-time job. There are ratings, so you have to do well. Communicating well with the posters is the most important thing to be a GoGetter.

September 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Ainna Syasya binti Mabeni

Q: What is one thing that you like about being a GoGetter? 

A: I can earn money and do a part time job using my own free time. Some of the posters are very kind.

Q: What is your most memorable GoGet job & why?

A: It was when I worked in a bakery. It was memorable because the staffs were very very friendly. The job was easy and understandable. So if you are a first-timer you can also ace the job.

Q: If I want to start referring friends to be a GoGetter, how should I start?

A: I really encourage you guys to refer because, other than making money from doing part time job, you can also earn referral fee. So one thing you can do is to do video like me, or just share it to your social media. Share it to your friends and family, they might need the extra money. Good Luck!

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