October 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Wales Chan

GoGetter Spotlight / 06 Oct 2021

October 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Wales Chan

This month’s GoGetter Spotlight will be featuring GoGetter Wales Chan.

He has been GoGetting since 2020 and has completed 217 helper jobs ever since! He has also been added to 18 teams for special access to jobs!

Let’s get to know GoGetter Wales Chan and what motivates him to do GoGet jobs.

GoGetter Wales has actively done a number of helper jobs such as a warehouse helper, picker & packer and car delivery agent. When asked what was his most unforgettable experience as a GoGetter, he shared his experience when he was working for Lazada during their e-wallet campaign last year. He finds that the GoGet community & GoGetters are especially friendly and helpful.

In his own words, he said that ‘even though we have never met before, we seem to get along very well together when doing GoGet jobs.’

October 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Wales Chan

According to GoGetter Wales, helper jobs have not only given him the opportunity to get to know other GoGetters but, Posters too. The satisfaction that he felt when completing a job and being able to leave an impact in the community has made all his effort worthwhile.

Not to mention, the fact that some Posters remembered him for jobs well done, has also made him very proud of himself and inspired him to work harder every day.

October 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Wales Chan


Thank you for your hard work & dedication, GoGetter Wales! Get 10% Helper bonus when you complete any Helper Job. For more information, read here.

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