November 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Firdaus Lau

GoGetter Spotlight / 10 Nov 2021

November 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Firdaus Lau

November’s GoGetter Spotlight goes to GoGetter Firdaus Lau. Firdaus, who is a hardworking retiree, has completed 326 jobs since joining the community in April 2020. He proves that age is just a number!

Let's get to know GoGetter Firdaus Lau a bit more!

GoGetter Firdaus describes himself as a friendly, sincere and super active person. These traits are aligned with the values that are shared within the GoGet community.

A year ago, Firdaus decided to become a GoGetter because he saw it as a chance for him to give back to society by helping others. He also likes doing GoGet jobs because he can earn bonuses and stay active.

November 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Firdaus Lau

GoGet is happy to have provided such a platform for individuals like Firdaus because one of our promises to users is to strive to do good and create an impact through shared resources. 

According to GoGetter Firdaus, being a GoGetter has given him exposure to different kinds of businesses and professions that he has never experienced before. This is because GoGetters can try out a variety of jobs on GoGet and learn new skills by working as a sales promoter, warehouse helper, picker & packer, waiter/waitress & so much more!

November 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Firdaus Lau


We appreciate your hard work and dedication, GoGetter Firdaus!

And to the rest of the GoGetters, let's strive to claim more jobs so you can earn more! Get an EXTRA 10% bonus when you complete any Helper Job! For further information, read here.

We wish GoGetters the best as GoGet continue to support and inspire GoGetters by providing a trusted and inclusive platform for everyone. 

P/s: Do you know any remarkable GoGetter that deserves to be acknowledged? Or do you think you are the one who should be chosen instead? 

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