May 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mohamad Hafizuddin

GoGetter Spotlight / 11 May 2022

May 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mohamad Hafizuddin

This month we would like you to meet GoGetter Hafizuddin, a versatile Elite GoGetter who does both Helper and Dispatch jobs. Keep reading to find out more about GoGetter Hafizuddin.

As part of the interview, he was asked about his motivation for becoming a GoGetter. In response to that, he replied, "I want to gain new experiences and serve the community with a polite and friendly attitude." With a mindset like that, it makes sense that he receives plenty of positive feedback from posters!

Recently, he claimed the Picker & Packer job for Fashion Valet and worked alongside many other GoGetters in the warehouse. GoGetter Hafizuddin took initiative and stepped up by guiding new GoGetters on how to do the job and also sharing useful tips and tricks with them.

Those who worked with him shared that working with him was a pleasant experience. Thank you for being so helpful, GoGetter Hafizuddin. Keep up the great work!

May 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mohamad Hafizuddin

GoGetter Hafizuddin recalled working as a waiter for the first time in his life as one of his most memorable experiences as a GoGetter. The team he worked with was awesome, and they were incredibly helpful.

"I remembered it fondly. I got to try some delicious drinks and meet some interesting people. The job was exhausting but I was encouraged by the team's spirit," he continued. We're glad to hear that being a GoGetter has given Hafizuddin the chance to meet new people and gain new experiences. 

May 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mohamad Hafizuddin

Last but not least, GoGetter Hafizuddin also left some advice for other GoGetters who are still hesitant to take on Helper jobs. He said, "Don't be afraid to accept jobs from new posters. Whether they're new to the platform or not, if you do your best and complete the task sincerely, they'll certainly appreciate your work and will treat you fairly. It's okay to try out new jobs even if you have no experience in that field. The effort you put in now will pay off in the future."

Wow, thank you so much for the wise advice, GoGetter Hafizuddin! We are proud to have you as a member of our community and we hope that you will continue to inspire others in the future.

May 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mohamad Hafizuddin

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