July 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Hasdatul Norazreen

GoGetter Spotlight / 13 Jul 2022

July 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Hasdatul Norazreen

Meet one of our top Helper GoGetters in this month's GoGetter Spotlight!

Hasdatul Norazreen has a lot on her plate. She's a full-time student, a mother and a Helper GoGetter. We caught up with her to get the scoop on how she manages to do it all and what makes her such an amazing 5-star rated GoGetter.

We know that managing all of those responsibilities is no easy feat, so we wanted to know what was her motivation to join the GoGet community as a GoGetter. "As a student and mother, I wanted to make sure that my working hours are flexible for me to juggle my responsibilities at home. Being able to have control over when and how long I worked was just what I needed at this point in my life.” GoGetter Norazreen replied.

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July 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Hasdatul Norazreen

A fun fact about GoGetter Norazreen is that she is an Exclusive GoGetter for eJamin. She completed her online training on the GoGetter app for eJamin jobs back in March 2022 and has completed over 45 jobs ever since. She told us that she loved working as a bailiff at the court counter because it is very interesting—and it turns out she's pretty good at it! She shares that working for eJamin allows her to meet and deal with people from various walks of life. "This job also allows me to learn a few things about the law”. GoGetter Norazreen loves doing Helper jobs for eJamin since she can help others and learn new things tat broaden her knowledge at the same time.

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July 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Hasdatul Norazreen

As a final note, we asked GoGetter Norazreen to share some advice for others who are interested in earning money through GoGet jobs. Her answer was short but very meaningful, "Do your job with a full sense of responsibility and dedication even if it is only a part-time job.”

Wise advice, GoGetter Norazreen! An excellent GoGetter should always strive to provide excellent service and do their best to complete the job, even if it is just a part-time job. This is important in order to ensure Poster satisfaction when they use GoGet. Only then, they will be happy and be a returning Poster which in turn, will create more jobs for GoGetter. Learn more about the best practices as a Helper GoGetter here.

Thanks a lot GoGetter Norazreen for the useful sharing! It is a pleasure to have someone as hardworking as you in our community. You are a GoGetter with huge potential. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and stay active as a GoGetter!

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