February 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mashood Ahmad

GoGetter Spotlight / 09 Feb 2022

February 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mashood Ahmad

Hi GoGetters, meet a fellow member in our community who spends most of his time GoGetting doing warehouse helper jobs! The February GoGetter Spotlight will feature Mashood Ahmad, one of our hard-working Helper GoGetters who won the #imgogetter Social Media contest back in November 2021 in the Best Helper Job category. He has successfully completed 111 jobs since joining the community in 2021!

Keep reading to find out more about GoGetter Mashood Ahmad.

Mashood Ahmad is a GoGetter from Klang Valley who enjoys helping people out and he typically commutes by motorbike. He has mainly worked as a warehouse helper since becoming a GoGetter, but he has also tried other types of jobs such as delivering food for Beep by Storehub.

February 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mashood Ahmad

In terms of Mashood as a person, he can be described as highly motivated and dedicated to his goals that he embodies in his motto, "Work, work, work". What an inspiration, right?

In less than a year of being a GoGetter, Mashood has gained a handful of experience as a warehouse helper with Uniqbe M Sdn Bhd and became the company's #1 top Helper GoGetter. He shared that one of his motivations as a GoGetter is the experience he gains from tackling different challenges every day. 

February 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mashood Ahmad

In our brief interview, GoGetter Mashood shared how the GoGet platform allowed him to help more people. 

Among his other contributions, he has helped a handful of people in the community with cleaning duties, preparing flowers for bouquets, painting walls, and even becoming a personal driver!

Additionally, as a GoGetter, he has the opportunity to visit new places and meet people of all kinds. It is the thrill he gets from all of these experiences that he looks forward to every day.

February 2022 GoGetter Spotlight: Mashood Ahmad

We should all strive to be as optimistic as him! We are proud to have you as a member of our community, GoGetter Mashood and we hope you continue to achieve more in 2022!

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