Elevate your HR process with GoGet & BrioHR

Business / 20 Jan 2023

Elevate your HR process with GoGet & BrioHR

New year brings new announcement! GoGet is excited to announce our partnership with BrioHR. A Software as a Service (SaaS) that empowers business owners and HR teams by simplifying and automating routine HR processes like payroll, claims, and leave. 

GoGet and BrioHR operate in different sectors of HR to give you the complete solution for a growing business. While GoGet solves hiring gaps by connecting businesses and workers to fulfil both needs, BrioHR offers scalable, simple HR software for all your HR needs.

Level Up Your HR Game

With GoGet’s flexible hiring process and BrioHR’s automated HR solution, businesses can stay agile in a volatile business environment. BrioHR’s software covers the entire employee journey from recruitment to onboarding, payroll and claims, to performance and analytics, and more. What’s more, its simple, user-friendly interface makes using BrioHR a great experience for employee and employer alike.

Businesses can hire a kitchen helper, retail staff, event crew or warehouse worker by the shift or by the hour through GoGet's flexible hiring solution. Both parties aim to increase cost-effectiveness through automation and simplification of your workforce.

Exclusive Deals From BrioHR

BrioHR will be giving an exclusive 20% discount on the first six months’ subscription for all GoGet users. Just click here to book a demo and mention GoGet to their consultant to claim your discount.

We believe this partnership enables business owners and HR teams to truly focus on what matters most to the business – growth, and scalability. 

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