15 Best Part Time Jobs for University Students

Job seekers / 03 Aug 2022

15 Best Part Time Jobs for University Students

University students in Malaysia regularly do part time jobs while studying or after university to pay their tuition fees or pay back PTPTN student loans. Many students continue doing part time jobs to pay rent and to have a regular income until they get a full-time job.  

Students often keep working part time jobs while studying by adjusting their class schedules. These students develop better time management skills and can apply this experience in their future careers. 

There are various part time jobs available for university students in Malaysia. Making money consistently through these jobs for an independent living and simultaneously gaining invaluable work experience for their professional career is a good option for students.

What is the most common job after University?

Out of various jobs for university students, the most common one after graduating is working as a retail store assistant, which is usually paid on an hourly basis.

Many retail brands in Malaysia employ students in part time jobs at their retail stores by offering benefits such as flexible schedules, shorter shifts, and staff discounts.  

Responsibilities such as packing items, reorganising shelves, attending to walk-in customers, maintaining cleanliness of the shop to even managing the cash register, a retail assistant does different tasks at a retail store. 

Besides, students interested in music, movies, books, art, or any other marketable commodity relating to sports, fashion, or beverages can get part-time jobs in various branded retail stores. Some of these retail stores even offer a commission to university students as an incentive to drive further sales.

After university, students often choose to work a few hours a week in these retail jobs that cater to their interests, earn consistently and interact with like-minded people. 

It may not sound like an attractive option to many after earning a university degree, however, the experience of working part time jobs can help the individual develop confidence and a sense of responsibility. These qualities are likely to be useful in the future for any career.

Benefits of working part time jobs as a student

There are many benefits of working a part time job as a student. Here are the key benefits:

Students can earn some pocket money

A part time job helps students earn cash, which is handy to meet their daily expenses or buy the essentials. 

Learn useful on-the-job skills

Working in a dynamic environment and collaborating with a team help students develop skills that will prepare them for their professional careers.

Boost confidence

Most students in Malaysia find part time jobs in the retail, hospitality industry, and various other customer-facing industries that help students become more confident.

Develop interpersonal skill

Working in a customer-centric and team environment gives students an opportunity to interact with different people and develop interpersonal skills.

Become independent

Working part time while studying, or after university can help students become independent because they learn to manage their own finances, schedules, and responsibilities. 

Learn better time management

Studying at university and working a part time job can help students learn to manage their time more efficiently. 

Enjoy the benefits of discounts and perks

If you find a part time job at your favourite store, bar, or restaurant, you might have access to various staff discounts and perks.

15 Best Part Time Jobs for University Students

Top factors to consider in a part time job search for University students


Most students want a part time job that offers flexibility in terms of shift timing so that they can strike a healthy balance between their studies and part time jobs. As students, they still  require sufficient time for studying and preparing for examinations while some might even be preparing for post-graduate courses, or work on developing other skills during their spare time.  

Good training

Fresh graduates need a job that trains them thoroughly and doesn’t just throw them into the daily grind right away. It is crucial that a company invests in those fresh minds and prepare them carefully to become an integral part of the mainstream workforce. 

Reasonable Pay

If a student wants to have some hands-on experience before joining the workforce, there is also the option to apply for internships. Although the pay might not be as desirable, it is still crucial that they are not taken advantage of and are paid a reasonable amount for the work they do. 


Doing part time jobs in industries especially in retail and hospitality can help you gain networking experiences, which may lead to future job opportunities. A job that opens up avenues to meet new people might help you understand more about the industry and help solve any doubts you may have.

Fun Environment

After freshly graduating from university, doing a part time job in a fun environment can reduce stress at work. Working in an environment that has a good balance of work and fun, in addition to having a team with good cultural values will make the job more enjoyable.


A job that has a team who continously supports and help you perform better at your job will make you realise the importance of teamwork. Being alone in a new job can be unnerving but being surrounded by friendly and helpful people is a major takeaway from a job. 

15 Best Part Time Jobs for University Students

What are the best part-time jobs for University students?

Have you recently finished university and is looking for a job to gain work experience and earn regularly? Give these interesting part time jobs a try.

Here are the best part-time jobs for university students in Malaysia:

  1. Retail assistant: A retail or store assistant is a job in the retail industry. The responsibility of a retail assistant is to serve customers, keep the merchandise organised, and process sales transactions. This job also involves restocking shelves, maintaining cleanliness of the shop and attending to visitors in the store.

  2. Café Barista: A cafe barista’s job is in cafes and coffee shops. The job involves preparing beverages and snacks for customers. This is a busy job, but it also creates opportunities for a person to improve his/her time management and customer service skills.

  3. Customer service representative: This involves working directly with customers to resolve their complaints, answer their questions, and process orders. If you enjoy interacting with people, a job as a customer service representative could be ideal for you. 

  4. Freelance writing: University students may work as freelance writers for websites or digital marketing agencies. Due to the fast growth of digital marketing, the demand for content is high. Students can choose their favourite niche, write articles/blogs, and earn money.

  5. Freelance designers: Students can work as freelance graphic or web designers, create logos, graphics, and website designs to generate income. 

  6. Career coach: Career coaches are experts in career planning, resume making, interviewing and negotiating. They guide job seekers find a career path.

  7. Warehouse Assistant: The main responsibilities of a warehouse assistant includes receiving and putting away fresh inventory, updating the database, packing and shipping ordered items, and organising stock in the warehouse.

  8. Virtual assistant: A virtual assistant’s job is a good option for students. It is a remote job where they will offer virtual support to their employer by doing tasks such as making phone calls, organising emails, and scheduling appointments.

  9. Administrative assistant: Administrative assistants do day-to-day tasks such as handling paperwork, receiving phone calls, preparing meeting agendas and managing appointments for their employer.

  10. Nursing assistant: Nursing assistants work in hospitals or clinics where they help patients by giving them prescribed medicines, feeding, and bathing.

  11. Personal assistant: Personal assistants (PA) typically carry out administrative work for one individual, who could be a manager or a top executive.

  12. Daycare teacher: Daycare teachers have responsibilities such as feeding and grooming children, introducing them to new, age-appropriate hobbies, engaging them in reading stories and more.

  13. Campus tutoring counsellor: A campus tutoring counsellor helps students succeed academically and socially. They provide one-on-one guidance to students to submit assignments on time, plan for their future studies and help with their application process.

  14. Peer tutoring: Peer tutoring is a way to support other students in their learning process. You can offer peer tutoring to fellow students to improve academically. University students even sometimes  get paid for this service.

  15. Dispatchers: Many students in Malaysia work as part time dispatchers during or after finishing university to generate some side income. They are responsible for delivering food or items to customers efficiently and in a timely manner. There are no special skills required for this type of job which makes it one of the easiest jobs to carry out.

There are various platforms where students can find part-time jobs in Malaysia and earn consistently.

The phase after university can be confusing for fresh graduates. Some already have a plan, and others keep an open mind to see how things turn out. The most important aspect after graduation is getting some work experience and earning steadily. This is where part-time jobs come in handy.

The part time jobs listed in this post can give you a good start. Once you have work experience, you can keep preparing for your dream career. 

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