12 Benefits of Working Part Time Jobs as a Student

Job Seekers / 13 Jan 2023

12 Benefits of Working Part Time Jobs as a Student

Students in Malaysia are keen on doing part time jobs, and in many cases, they even rely on them to earn a steady income to pay off their student loans, afford other bills, and generate some savings.

Youngsters who shuffle between studies and part time jobs demonstrate more efficient time management compared to non-working students. They develop a sense of responsibility and apply it in their day-to-day lives.

Besides, the part time work experience will make their resume look job-ready for a better professional career after graduation. 

How can I earn money as a college student?

There are various part time jobs for students in Malaysia. There might be multiple factors why University students choose to take up part time jobs. From paying back PTPTN student loans to earning some side income for the daily expenditure.

The good news is you can get plenty of options to work a part time job even if you are still in college. Most part time jobs have flexible schedules, which will help you balance the work and class schedules. 

You may work as a store assistant at a brand retail store, which pays reasonably well. Depending on your aptitude and comfort level, you can take up other customer-facing part time jobs such as café assistant, customer care executive, or hotel receptionist. 

If you have a driving license and own a car or a motorcycle, you can earn good money working for a ride-share company. 

In Malaysia, job platforms like GoGet can help you get part time jobs in various industries that will give you exposure to different types of jobs ranging from deliveries to helper-centric tasks.

Besides, Malaysia has a growing freelance marketplace with various freelance jobs, such as freelance writing, freelance designers, and others. With any of these skills, you can work independently as a freelancer, gain valuable experience, and generate a good income stream.

12 Benefits of Working Part Time Jobs as a Student

Benefits of working part time jobs as a student

The availability of jobs for college students in part time positions can get them several benefits. Here are 12 of them:

  1. Get a source of income

Students can earn money consistently with a part time job. They can bear the cost of their expenses including tuition fees and relieve their parents from financial burden. 

2. Gain valuable work experience

Another benefit is students can gain experience by doing a variety of part time jobs. For example, if someone loves to teach, part time tutoring can help him or her gain experience. 

3. Develop a sense of independence

When working part time, students might become more independent, not only financially but in carrying out their responsibilities at home and at work. 

4. Help develop skills and improve time-management

Part time jobs can help students develop additional skills that might prove beneficial when they enter the workforce. They also learn efficient time management while balancing between studying and working part time.

5. Learn to budget

When students start earning through their part time jobs, they eventually will learn how to budget their expenses. Wise budgeting will help them focus on necessary expenses like paying the bills rather than spending the money on frivolous items. 

6. Learn to be a team player

Some jobs require working in a team environment. It is a great learning experience for students where they will learn about achieving team goals, backing team members, and respecting one another.

7. Gain self-confidence

Working in a part time job helps students gain self-confidence. For example, if a student wants to learn to become more outspoken, they can choose to do part time jobs in the service industry such as being a part time waiter, which would require them to approach and interact with customers. This would help the person come out of his or her shell and exude confidence.

8. Improves communication skill

In almost every job, communication skills are very important to keep a team functioning efficiently. Students can develop good communication skills while working part time as they will learn how to communicate with their team in the correct manner.

9. Help make new friends

Working in a part time job can improve students’ social lives. Having a good working relationship with teammates is essential in the workplace which not only makes the work more enjoyable but also helps to increase productivity levels. When they need help with something, it is always great to have a teammate who they can rely on and after graduation, the teammates can also become mentors to reach out to for any guidance as well. 

10. Learn networking

Working a part time job also gives networking opportunities to students, especially if they work in the hospitality, customer service, or retail industry. Any connections made can become new opportunities to progress. 

11. Enjoy employee discounts and perks

Students working part time might also enjoy discounts and perks as additional benefits. For example, if students work in a restaurant, there might be free meals provided and working at retail stores might also provide staff discounts. 

12. Use this time to prepare for a better career

Most casual or part time workers in Malaysia work no more than 14.4 hours a week. It means students get enough time to prepare for their dream careers in their spare time while earning an income.

12 Benefits of Working Part Time Jobs as a Student

Quick tips to manage between studying and working part time

Taking admission to college or university can be expensive, and with the rising cost of tuition fees, house rent, and other living expenses, students have to consider many factors when managing studies and part time work. 

These days, students prefer doing a part time job to generate a steady income. While many students are keen to work part time, some other students and parents are apprehensive that it will affect their academic performance.

Here are a few quick tips for students to manage the time between studying and working part time:

Find a part time job in your preferred industry: While seeking a part time job, it is ideal to look in an industry relevant to your area of study. 

Getting work in the targeted industry can give you many advantages, including applying the acquired knowledge, developing skills and experience in the same work field and using them to have a better professional career.

Maintain a Time table: Managing a part time job and studying is a lot of work, and students can feel exhausted. Without maintaining a daily schedule, no one can manage time efficiently. Plan a suitable timetable that fits your work schedule with enough time for lectures and study.

Find a good place to stay: When doing a part time job, you may have a significant workload that might keep you awake till late hours. If you stay at a clean and quiet place close to your college or workplace, you can reduce the commute time and use that time for your studies. 

Try to attend every class or lecture: The primary concern for students is to continue their studies uninterrupted. Make sure you attend every lecture to keep up with the progress of your course. If you already have a packed schedule, falling behind in your studies will put an additional burden on you.

Budget your funds: If you do a part time job to save money, then budgeting is an efficient way to control your finance. Write down all your income and expenses in a notebook or excel sheet to identify areas where you can cut down some costs. You can use that money to prepare for your future career. 

Keep in touch with faculties and classmates: Inform your classmates and college professors about your part time work. Ask them for help whenever needed. Ask your professors about your doubts in their respective areas of study if you miss a class.

Stay relaxed and stress-free: The schedule you would be following to balance studies and part-time work can be stressful. You should take a break from time to time to eliminate all the stress. Due to your hard work, both your body and mind need to be refreshed. Therefore, get sleep and a proper diet to stay energized.

15 Best part time jobs for students

The Malaysian economy is gradually on its way to recovering from the effects of COVID-19. In 2021, the country’s rate of unemployment was 4.9, which dropped to 4.1 per cent in January of 2022, and since then shown an upward trend. 

Although the unemployment rate has dropped, still many people are looking for work. It includes recent college graduates who are about to enter the Malaysian workforce.

If you are a fresh college graduate, you might be thinking about whether you should stick to a part time job or try getting a full-time position. Working full-time could be a good option for some graduates, but doing a part time job after college also has many benefits.

In Malaysia, many part time jobs are available. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the total number of vacancies in the country reached 748,907, an all-time high. However, finding a job relevant to your education, decent wage, flexible schedule, and perks can be a difficult task. 

Here are 15 part time jobs that students can try out:

  1. Retail Assistant

  2. Café Barista

  3. Customer Service Representative 

  4. Freelance writing

  5. Freelance Designer

  6. Warehouse Assistant

  7. Daycare teacher

  8. Campus tutoring Counsellor

  9. Peer tutoring

  10. Career coach

  11. Virtual Assistant

  12. Administrative Assistant

  13. Nursing Assistant

  14. Personal Assistant

  15. Administrative duties

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