Digitising Performance Review for Part Timers

Human Resource / 29 Dec 2023

Digitising Performance Review for Part Timers


In the dynamic landscape of today's job market, performance reviews stand as crucial milestones for both workers and hiring managers. At GoGet, we understand the significance of these evaluations and have taken it a step further with our innovative Rating and Review system. 

The Manager's Perspective: Unveiling Performance Review Comments

Performance reviews are a window into a worker’s contributions, skills, and areas for improvement. Hiring managers play a pivotal role in this process, offering valuable feedback that can shape the professional trajectory of a worker.

Constructive Criticism: Nurturing Growth

Managers use performance reviews as an opportunity to provide constructive criticism. Whether it's refining specific skills or overcoming challenges, these comments serve as a guide for improvement. Likewise, worker’s feedback is equally as valuable for HR to improve in any organisation.

GoGet app allows transparent ratings and reviews by hiring managers (and vice versa) to provide candid feedback, fostering an environment where workers can grow and excel, and employers can improve.

Digitising Performance Review for Part Timers

Recognizing Excellence: Shining a Spotlight on Achievements

Positive reinforcement is equally crucial in performance reviews. Managers can post encouraging feedback after a worker and applauding a worker's dedication. Good performance can also be rewarded with incentives like bonus and perks like shopping vouchers.

GoGet's Rating and Review system immortalises these moments, creating a profile that reflects a worker's professional journey and accomplishments.

Skills Assessment: Tailoring Roles for Success

Performance reviews help managers assess a worker’s skill set and how well it aligns with their current role. With GoGet's platform, these insights are not just confined to the hiring manager and worker; they become part of a broader marketplace. Job seekers can leverage this information to find roles that resonate with their strengths, creating a win-win scenario for both parties.

Empowering Job Seekers: The GoGet Advantage

GoGet transforms the traditional job search by empowering job seekers with a digital gig resume. 

Reviews and ratings by past employers are integrated and profiles are automatically updated within the platform.

Digitising Performance Review for Part Timers

GoGet’s platform is the only one that has both: 

  • Data on jobs posted

  • Data on job done

Therefore, the data from work done will be shown in profile to new job applications automatically. Job seekers get to continuously build a reputation without having to update manually.

Informed Decision-Making: Choosing the Right Opportunities

Job seekers also can access reviews and ratings on hiring companies, to gain valuable insights into the work culture and other workers’ experience with the companies. Armed with this information, they can make informed decisions about which opportunities align best with their skills and career goals.

Building a Personal Brand: A Digital Gig Resume

GoGet's platform allows workers to build a digital profile. This profile becomes a testament to their professional journey, showcasing past job experiences and hiring companies. In a competitive job market, a strong personal brand can be a game-changer.

Digitising Performance Review for Part Timers

Empowering Hiring Managers: Streamlining the Hiring Process

For hiring managers, GoGet's Rating and Review system streamlines the hiring process by providing a comprehensive overview of a profile’s performance and job history. This transparency allows for more accurate decision-making and facilitates the identification of profiles who are the best fit for specific roles.

Targeted Recruitment: Finding the Perfect Fit

Hiring managers can use GoGet Recruit to filter and identify profiles whose skills and strengths align with the requirements of a particular role. This targeted recruitment approach ensures that both hiring managers and workers find mutually beneficial matches.

Real-Time Feedback: Enhancing Communication

GoGet's platform facilitates real-time feedback, creating a channel for ongoing communication between hiring managers and workers. This continuous dialogue helps in addressing concerns promptly, fostering a collaborative and positive working relationship.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Work with GoGet

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, GoGet's Rating and Review system emerged as a catalyst for positive change. By providing a platform for transparent communication and informed decision-making, we empower both job seekers and hiring managers to contribute to the evolution of the future of work. Join us at GoGet as we continue to redefine the way we hire, work, and grow together.

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