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How Whichkraft Projekt Scaled Their Business Without Full Time Staff

With Su Enn, Sue Ann and Jayen, co-founders of WhichKraft Projekt


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Have you ever been to those beautifully decorated, balloon-filled birthday parties or those heavenly, fairytale-like wedding set ups? Well behind all that, is a creative team who put their heart and soul into every piece, down to the finest detail, and that’s what WhichKraft Projekt does!

The face of WhichKraft Projekt

WhichKraft Projekt’s vision is to be established in the event decoration industry and cater towards events of all sizes. Starting an online business in 2016 with a core team of 4, WhichKraft Projekt has definitely come a long way and are best known for their incredibly humongous 3-feet tall balloons!

“Everything we do is very personalized and customized. We let you pick your colours, text, and design it to cater to your likes and needs. Most importantly, unlike many other conventional event companies, their focus has been on building a strong online presence.

“Doing conventional things in an unconventional way.”

WhichKraft Projekt usually hires GoGetters to help deliver balloons, pick up items from their suppliers, become extra pairs of hands during events and even help prepare decorations. Especially flowers since they must be kept fresh and best prepared on the day itself.

Whichkraft ballons
Whichkraft dinner
“It was important for us to engage with a dispatch company that would ensure our image would be well taken care of.”

Hiring extra help with less costs

Sue Ann admitted that there is insufficient support for startups to hire help and scale their business at the same time. They also found it difficult to find a logistic company that could ensure quality deliveries at an affordable fee to deliver the fragile and perishable goods. Running out of time and help, they gave GoGet a try.

WhichKraft Projekt definitely sees the benefits of the 100% guaranteed dispatch as well as the map tracking feature. “Had we only just been doing the deliveries, we couldn’t possibly be where we are today, because we’d still be doing the deliveries ourselves right now! GoGet is great because they offer cars to deliver and pick up our things, because you can’t have a balloons on a motorcycle!”

Professional deliverymen just an app away

Hiring full time staff only when events happen just didn’t make sense but it was also difficult to find professional help on a one-off basis.

“GoGet covers everything that a growing small company needs.”

WhichKraft Projekt recently engaged 7 GoGetters to help arrange flowers for a wedding and were amazed by the GoGetters’ job well done. To the GoGetters, this was an opportunity for them to expand their knowledge in the field of event planning and organizing and gain a new skill. “That’s what we love! To hear these great feedback not only from our clients but also the people we work with”.

Whichkraft gg
Whichkraft flowers

GoGetters were extremely proud of their masterpieces.

To all small businesses looking to scale operations without full time costs, this is their advice:

“Focus on other aspects of your business and trust GoGetters to help.”

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