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Rent A Dress began with a vision of making lives easier by giving women a chance to rent stunning dresses at a fraction of the price. To accomplish this it was important for them find a partner that they could count on to deliver the dresses on time to the customer. Whoever they partner with to do deliveries of these designer dresses, will be the face of Rent A Dress. With GoGet, women looking for affordable, beautiful designer dresses can expect to get it quick and reliably.

The face of Rent A Dress

When Rent A Dress first started in 2014, the team searched for a partner that can deliver promises that they made. Rianne Teo, Head of Operations at Rent A Dress, started out with some challenges at first. She found many delivery companies had little care for the product they were transporting. Cancellations were frequent, and dresses would go missing.


Rent A Dress gives customers a chance to wear beautiful designer dresses at a fraction of the cost

“We were working with a company before where there was this one time where the delivery man was rude to a customer. It’s difficult to work again with a company like that, because if it happens once, it can happen again.”

For Rent A Dress, customer satisfaction is huge. Customers don’t differentiate between the delivery man and Rent A Dress. Dissatisfied customers are damaging for the company. Convincing people to try out clothing rentals is already a challenge; convincing someone who had a bad experience with the delivery service to come back is close to impossible.

Customer satisfaction is key

“The one thing that really attracted me to GoGet was the100% guarantee."

Rent A Dress initially started using GoGet for delivery orders on the same day. The most notable change noticed by Teo was havingzero complaintsfrom her customers about the reliability of the delivery.

“This improvement in customer satisfaction played a huge role in improving the reputation of Rent A Dress.”

Saving costs with Bulk Orders

To further improve the cost savings for Rent A Dress, Teo started using GoGet’s Bulk Orders  feature in their business. With Bulk Orders, All Teo has to do is upload all the orders in a single spreadsheet, where it is routed automatically by GoGet’s system for GoGetters to pick up all at once. This has greatly improved the efficiency of their operations and reduced the cost of their deliveries. Teo says:  “Its like letting go of one part of your operations.“

How Bulk Orders was developed

“Once I load up. I’ll get a GoGetter within seconds,”  says Teo. This was the reliable service that Rent A Dress had envisioned to power the company’s growth.

Since using Bulk Orders, Rent A Dress has brought down time it takes to post jobs, while managing to guarantee deliveries for all of their customers.

In addition, the team at Rent A Dress have not been receiving any complaints from customers about their delivery service. “The GoGetters have been professional and polite. We're quite close to some of them now, so everytime they come by we're really happy to see them because it’s always the same GoGetters who do the job," says Teo.

“I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get it sent. It just feels like you can promise customers more things as well.“

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