Software Test Automation Intern, Product Engineering

Kuala Lumpur

The Company - GOGET

GoGet is an on demand workforce platform. Our mission is to transform the traditional labour market. No longer do people have to choose only between a full time job or an 8 hour working shift. We believe the future of work is here and that is through creating opportunities by connecting people in a whole new way. A stay-at-home mother can be involved in the workforce for 2 hours between school drop off times, a retiree is able to connect and help out a local neighborhood florist and business owners are able to grow their operations without full time costs. We envision a world where true empowerment is possible. We empower businesses to connect with the city’s workforce, grow their operations while saving money and be more efficient. For our users in the community who are looking to network, learn a new skill, we are changing the game for opportunities, upskilling and training on mobile for the nation’s people. If you feel passionate about helping others, about connecting people and about creating impact through innovation, join us!

The Role

GoGet is looking for a passionate Software Test Automation Intern to join our Product Engineering team, in Malaysia first, and ASEAN long term. The central goals of the role are:

  1. Learn and grow yourself in technical stacks made available in GoGet’s Product Engineering.

  2. Build Test Automations scripts and automate them for sprint release(s).

  3. Execute Manual Test(s) to gain knowledge on how to build good product quality.

This role will entail build, test, design and execute test scripts. You will work closely with the Product Engineering team members, especially with the Quality Assurance team to achieve the above goals. The right candidate should be a techie at heart, willing to learn & open to feedback and have an unruly desire to innovate.

At GoGet we are People first, then Process and Product. People because we believe not only in the community that underpins the model of GoGet but that execution is our differentiator and people are necessary for this to be done well. This is what we believe eventually delivers a great product that we deliver to our users and the overall community. You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most resourceful and determined individuals who are passionate about impacting people’s lives by creating opportunities on the GoGet platform. Come work with our wonderful and passionate team and make an impact on our community today!

Let's break that down:

  1. Fulfill your internship requirements with latest technology stack and practices.

    1. We will assign you a supervisor to understand your internship requirements and ensure you will have an exceptional experience.

    2. Be part of the Product Engineering team - we encourage you to build knowledge and learn as much as you can from our vast experience industry leaders and engineers.

  2. Build automation scripts and contribute to GoGet’s Product Quality

    1. Run test cases manually, to understand how the product flow works for our end-users.

    2. Then, design and automate test scripts for us to ensure great build quality in each sprint.

Who will you work with?

We work as a team, and your role is to be a great team player with the Product Engineering team and any other teams that may be required.


    Preferably students in their final year or semester. If not, willing to use projects from the internship as their Final Year project deliverables.

    Basic programming knowledge in any language, knowledge of Flutter, React.js and/or Ruby on Rails are added advantages.

    Proficiency in communicating in written and spoken English.

    Open to Malaysian(s) and Non Malaysian(s).


Our office is located at Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. However, being fully remote work is also an option, do talk to us about it if this is your preference.


We are MSC certified, we can and have acquired work visas for foreigners.

Contact: Drop your resume to hiring@goget.my
Title your email as: Software Test Automation Intern
Company website: www.goget.my
Careers page: www.goget.my/careers