Job details

Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Engineering

Kuala Lumpur

The Company - GOGET

GoGet is an on demand workforce platform. Our mission is to transform the traditional labour market. No longer do people have to choose between a full time job or an 8 hour working shift. We believe the future of work is here and that is through creating opportunities by connecting people in a whole new way. A stay-at-home mother can be included in the workforce for 2 hours between school drop off times, a retiree is able to connect and help out a local neighborhood florist and business owners are able to grow their operations without full time costs. We envision a world where true empowerment is possible. We empower businesses to connect with the city’s workforce, grow their operations while saving money and be more efficient. For our users in the community who are looking to network, learn a new skill, we are changing the game for opportunities, upskilling and mobile training for the nation’s people. If you feel passionate about helping others, about connecting people and about creating impact through innovation, join us!

The Role

GoGet is looking for a passionate Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer to lead our Quality Assurance team in Malaysia first, and ASEAN long term. The central goals of the Quality Assurance team are:

  1. Fulfilling the quality standard expectations in delivering any features or products

  2. Prevention of any breach of quality standards

  3. Detection of any deficiencies in features or products delivered by GoGet in a timely manner

This role will entail having the technical expertise and leadership skills to manage the Quality Assurance team. You will work closely with the Chief Technology Officer to achieve the above goals. The right candidate should be self-educating and self-motivated through curiosity, has a passion for building and an unruly desire to innovate.

At GoGet, we are People first, then Process and Product. People because we believe not only in the community that underpins the model of GoGet but that execution is our differentiator and people are necessary for this to be done well. This is what we believe eventually delivers a great product that we deliver to our users and the overall community. You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most resourceful and determined individuals who are passionate about impacting people’s lives by creating opportunities on the GoGet platform. Come work with our wonderful and passionate team and make an impact on our community today!

Let's break that down

  1. To effectively lead and manage the Quality Assurance team

    1. Develop and drive continuous improvements for quality assurance function processes and procedures that include; risk analysis, test planning, monitoring and control, issue management and reporting.

    2. Collaborate with the CTO to define testing standards and strategies for the team in influencing our technology platform for the better by having a solid business understanding.

    3. Coordinate and manage technical releases to production with the product engineering team by being a great team player and contributor to the larger team while adhering to company values.

    4. Manage quality assurance engineers in the team in work performance and deliverables.

    5. Develop the careers of QA team members to be able to work independently by coaching, 1:1 learning and performance appraisal.

    6. Collaborate with the larger team for department wide initiatives on people, organization or processes improvement.

  2. To achieve strong technical excellence in the work done for the Quality Assurance function

    1. Manage GoGet’s quality assurance processes, procedures, efficiency and documentation by having the knowledge of QA testing stages; functional, integration, performance and load.

    2. Mature knowledge of internet networking concepts and principles, able to test REST APIs using Postman or similar tools.

    3. Work closely with the product and tech team to learn more about business and technical knowledge.

    4. Manage, investigate and prioritize bug reports to coordinate bug fixes with the development teams.

    5. Able to communicate with software engineers and straddle the challenges of delivery time and quality.

    6. Prepare and organize high quality testing and test management by:

      1. thorough regression testing,

      2. estimating, prioritizing, planning, and coordinating testing activities,

      3. understanding feature requirements and user story,

      4. automated testing by using coded/codeless automated testing tools,

      5. testing in different environments including web and mobile,

      6. perform automated testing by using coded/codeless automated testing tools,

to ensure all critical processes are covered and tested.

Who will you work with?

We work as a team, and your role is to be a great team player with the Chief Technology Officer, Quality Assurance Engineers and any other teams that may be required.


At least four years of QA experience in manual and automated software testing

Experienced with Postman or any equivalent back-end testing tool

Experience in integrating automation test framework as part of CI process

Willingness to work in an agile working environment

Strong communication skills - Presenting insights and recommendations to the team

Where you will work

Our office is located at Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. However, being fully remote work is also an option, do talk to us about it if this is your preference.

What if you need a visa

We are MSC certified, we can and have acquired work visas for foreigners.