Job details

Head of Community Support, Operations - Support

Kuala Lumpur

The Company - GOGET

GoGet is an on demand workforce platform. Our mission is to transform the traditional labour market. No longer do people have to choose between a full time job or an 8 hour working shift. We believe the future of work is here and that is through creating opportunities by connecting people in a whole new way. A stay-at-home mother can be included in the workforce for 2 hours between school drop off times, a retiree is able to connect and help out a local neighborhood florist and business owners are able to grow their operations without full time costs. We envision a world where true empowerment is possible. We empower businesses to connect with the city’s workforce, grow their operations while saving money and be more efficient. For our users in the community who are looking to network, learn a new skill, we are changing the game for opportunities, upskilling and mobile training for the nation’s people. If you feel passionate about helping others, about connecting people and about creating impact through innovation, join us!

The Role

GoGet is looking for a passionate Head of Community Support to lead our Operations - Support team. The central goals of the Operations - Support function are:

  1. To provide the best user experience for GoGet’s community.

  2. To increase Customer Lifetime Value by retaining and growing customers that use our platform.

  3. To build a scalable and insightful support system that continuously strives to tighten our product market fit.

This role will entail building an overall engine that interacts with GoGet’s users to enhance customer experience that can lead to long term loyalty and effective solutions. You will work closely with the team of Community Support Manager Associates, Interns, Agents and our technology team to achieve the above goals. GoGet’s vision is to impact ASEAN and go beyond Malaysia, the community support function will have to grow to serve multiple countries and regions. The right candidate should be a professional with a “people-first” attitude, strong empathy and have an unruly desire to build scalable systems.

At GoGet we are People first, then Process and Product. People because we believe not only in the community that underpins the model of GoGet but that execution is our differentiator and people are necessary for this to be done well. This is what we believe eventually delivers a great product that we deliver to our users and the overall community. You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most resourceful and determined individuals who are passionate about impacting people’s lives by creating opportunities on the GoGet platform. Come work with our wonderful and passionate team and make an impact on our community today!

Let's break that down

  1. Build scalable support systems that are designed to achieve great user experience and top performance

    1. Ability to plan and structure the architecture of support tools, systems, processes and overall engine (Current tools: Zendesk, Whatsapp, Calls, SMS, in-app).

    2. Explore, introduce, propose and manage the more appropriate tools and solutions to serve our community.

    3. Continuously scaling people, processes and systems to meet the current and future requirements of the business.

    4. Project management for key outcomes and goals under the community support function.

    5. Work with other team leaders to build the future of the business; strategise and deliver what we need for community support.

  2. Grow and build a great support team

    1. Hire and coach community support teammates to achieve top performance.

    2. Motivate team members with new projects, future directions and to strive for excellence in the function.

    3. Perform one-on-ones, foster career development and grow individual teammates.

  3. Create an effective support engine that builds key insights from community feedback feed into product development

    1. Foster a data driven culture through people, process and organisational structures.

    2. Manage, structure and review data analysis to understand root causes and key insights from the community to ultimately drive for process and product improvement.

    3. Experiment initiatives to achieve a better customer experience for all.

    4. Constantly stay updated with technology developments, relevant support tools in the industry and user experience within the platform to push for product enhancements and support system improvements.

    5. Set measurable goals to achieve and project manage to achieve.

  4. Build and achieve an efficient community support system

    1. Optimise for productivity within the support system e.g. cost of support, response time, throughput, and resource optimisation.

    2. Produce accurate reports on productivity and effectiveness of support systems.

    3. Achieve a top performing support system.

Who will you work with?

We work as a team, and your role is to be a great team player and team leader with Community Support Manager, Associates, Agents and any other teams that may be required.


    Have 3-5 years working experience minimum, preferably in customer support and communications.

    Experience working with customer support softwares (Preferably: Zendesk).

    Bachelor’s degree with strong academic record.

    1-2 years of leadership and management experience minimum.

    Have natural inclination to guide and teach juniors.

    Have experience managing service staff.

    Strong in data analysis and problem solving.

    Management consulting backgrounds are welcome to apply.

    Have empathy to always listen to community feedback, resolve problems, and improve efficiency.

    Strong quantitative, analytical and conceptual problem-solving skills combined with outstanding business acumen.

    Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

    Entrepreneurial, fast learner and results-driven achiever.


Our office is located at Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. However, due to current circumstances, we are working remotely.


In the event there is a lockdown due to the pandemic, we kindly request all candidates to have a good internet connection in order to be able to perform well in this position.