Community Happiness Agent, Operations - Support

Kuala Lumpur

The Company - GOGET

GoGet is an on demand workforce platform. Our mission is to transform the traditional labour market. No longer do people have to choose only between a full time job or an 8 hour working shift. We believe the future of work is here and that is through creating opportunities by connecting people in a whole new way. A stay-at-home mother can be involved in the workforce for 2 hours between school drop off times, a retiree is able to connect and help out a local neighborhood florist and business owners are able to grow their operations without full time costs. We envision a world where true empowerment is possible. We empower businesses to connect with the city’s workforce, grow their operations while saving money and be more efficient. For our users in the community who are looking to network, learn a new skill, we are changing the game for opportunities, upskilling and training on mobile for the nation’s people. If you feel passionate about helping others, about connecting people and about creating impact through innovation, join us!

The Role

Community Happiness Agents are helpful and friendly GoGetters who can attend to our Community Support channels.

The central goal of the Community Support team is two folds:

  1. To be in tune and close with issues faced by our community on GoGet.

  2. To provide amazing service to help our community in inquiries, issues and any customer support matters.

It will take a strong understanding of what our company stands for, it’s about lending a good ear to our community and responding to our community in our best possible way; all through various support channels to reach our community.

This role will entail responding to customer tickets and inquiries to drive for good customer satisfaction, as well as require critical thinking to narrow down into the fundamental issue at hand to drive for overall improvement of GoGet’s offering and service. You will be leveraging and executing on the tools of customer service such as Zendesk, Whatsapp, Shared helplines, and many more.

The role will require good product knowledge and people skills. You must enjoy helping people and solving problems with the support of guidelines. You must seek to always improve processes and find ways to be more efficient.

Let's break that down:

You will be in charge of day-to-day customer support. This means you will be the main executor for:

  1. To assist customer issues.

  2. To be a strong teammate within the support team.

  3. To resolve customer issues and make them love GoGet!

Who will you work with?

We work as a team, and your role is to be a great team player Community Support Associate.

Daily Responsibilities:

    To handle issues, feedback, inquiries and all inputs received from existing Customer Support Channel, e.g. Zendesk, Whatsapp, Email, Helpline and other channels if applicable.

    To investigate, follow up and troubleshoot issues and inquiries with existing SOP to resolve customer issues.

    To share feedback and concern if there are any out of ordinary issues or SOP that is not listed and covered in existing guidelines.

    To identify and flag outdated FAQ or Macro (in Zendesk) or any documentation to Community Support Associate.

    To support Community Support Associate in updating any documentation where necessary.

    To meet shift expectations set by Community Support Associate in terms of time spent and productivity.

    To always stay updated with the latest product and system updates and features in order to answer and support inquiries and issues coming in effectively.


    Must be a GoGetter.

    Good interpersonal skills.

    Proficient in English.

    Nice to have: conversational Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin.

    Comfortable working with softwares.