December 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Nurul Hidayah

GoGetter Spotlight / 08 Dec 2021

December 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Nurul Hidayah

One of GoGet's promises to our users is to create an inclusive platform for everyone, regardless of background because we believe everyone should have a chance to work. To celebrate inclusivity, this month we will be spotlighting our GoGetter, Nurul Hidayah!

Struggling with difficulties to retain a permanent job especially during the pandemic, GoGetter Nurul Hidayah joined the community in 2020 and has been thriving ever since. 

Let's get to know GoGetter Nurul Hidayah a bit more!

Nurul Hidayah is a Klang Valley GoGetter who owns a bike bag. As a GoGetter, she mostly focuses on taking logistics jobs such as Picker/Packer, Dispatch, and General Labor. When she was asked the question “Tell us about yourself”, this is what GoGetter Hidayah said: “I am hard-headed but not hard-hearted, clumsy but adventurous, grumpy and friendly at the same time”.

December 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Nurul Hidayah

GoGetter Hidayah shares her motivation to become a GoGetter is the flexibility and the wide range of jobs that GoGet offers. Working as a GoGetter gives her the privilege to manage her daily schedule however she prefers. A flexible working schedule allows GoGetter Hidayah to take better care of her wellness thus making it possible for her to perform well in all of her tasks. Having a great work life balance proves to have a positive impact on her career because she is one the top rated GoGetters with 5 stars rating! Amazing right?

Life is not always what we expect it to be. After she decided to quit her job due to personal reasons, GoGetter Hidayah became an independent errand runner but unfortunately that did not work out. As she was going through the struggling phase, GoGetter Hidayah was introduced to GoGet by a friend. (p/s: Don’t forget you can earn up to RM25 by referring friends/family to be a GoGetter. Check out GoGetter Referral Rewards here).

She jumped on the opportunity and registered to be a GoGetter. She shared that “the GoGetter app is something new to me but I find that it is full of hope”. It has been more than a year since then and GoGetter Hidayah shares that she has learned a lot of new skills and also had fun meeting new people throughout the jobs that she did. We are very proud of your achievement, GoGetter Hidayah! 

December 2021 GoGetter Spotlight: Nurul Hidayah

And to the rest of the GoGetters, let GoGetter Hidayah’s story be an inspiration for you to never lose hope. Every cloud has a silver lining. GoGet is here to provide you with more opportunities and we will always do our best to support you. 

P/s: Do you know any remarkable GoGetter that deserves to be acknowledged? Or do you think you are the one who should be chosen instead? 

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